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Mediterranean diet

The centuries-old Mediterranean diet is based on a healthy and balanced combination of ingredients, containing an essential amount of antioxidants (vitamins C and E) and essential products of vegetable origin that help your body function regularly.

Typical among the countries in the Mediterranean basin, this type of diet is rich in grains, fruit, vegetables, fish, dried vegetables and olive oil, resulting in a harmonious combination of the best traditional ingredients and contributing to a healthy life.

Olive oil can be considered one of the most important foods in the Mediterranean diet. With vitamin E and great antioxidant power, olive oil keeps HDL (good cholesterol) lipoprotein levels high, thereby preventing accumulation of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) in the arteries, which oxidizes and leads to a broad range of heart ailments. Olive oil also exhibits properties that stimulate the gall-bladder and liver, favouring digestion.

Basics of a Mediterranean diet

- Choose fibre-rich foods of vegetable origin, including fruits and vegetables, grains and bread, pasta and rice, potatoes, beans;

- Olive oil should be the main source of fat in your diet, replacing most other types of fats (butter, margarine and vegetable oils);

- Consume dairy products, especially cheese and yoghurt, in moderation;

- Refined sugar, sweets and honey should only be consumed occasionally;

- Limit your consumption of red meat (beef, veal, lamb, mutton, pork, etc.);

- Drink wine in moderation (mostly during meals);

- Drink coffee and tea in moderation;

- Practice regular physical exercise, helping to maintain your physical well-being while controlling and maintain a healthy weight.

Although this is the ideal diet to follow, our fast-paced lifestyles often lead us to stray from these Mediterranean diet guidelines and their proven benefits.

Healthy habits, including a sensible, balanced diet and regular physical exercise, should be practiced daily, ideally with the involvement of family and friends.